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Fixtures & Results

Autumn 2017

September 17
Tue 5   Kent Unicorns 12-24 Kalooki Report
  A-Line Oceana Ltd 33-29 Ravens Report
  A B Jewellery 30-46 Alpha Red Report
  Walmer Rovers 31-15 The Watch Directory Report
Wed 6   Companion Care 41-47 Eclipse Report
  T W Services 70-24 OFP Timber Wolves Report
  Jo Jos 27-41 ICENI Report
  Alpha Blue 22-34 Jets Report
Thu 7   Abbey Motors 20-28 Alpha Newbies Report
  Miles and Barr 41-35 Alpha Lilac Report
  Aces 38-31 SDS Report
  Companion Care Gold 27-31 Isisters Report
Tue 12   The Watch Directory 30-32 Kent Unicorns Report
  SDS 36-37 Alpha Blue Report
  A B Jewellery conceeded A-Line Oceana Ltd
  Isisters 36-21 Ravens Report
Wed 13   Alpha Lilac 20-35 Companion Care Report
  Allstars 43-56 T W Services Report
  Eclipse 44-22 St Lawrence Gold Report
  Alpha Newbies 19-29 Walmer Rovers Report
  Alpha Red 38-30 Aces Report
Thu 14   ICENI 21-37 Abbey Motors Report
  OFP Timber Wolves 17-34 Miles and Barr Report
  Avengers 26-26 Jo Jos Report
  Jets 32-15 Companion Care Gold Report
Tue 19   Alpha Blue 27-27 Companion Care Gold Report
  Walmer Rovers 37-21 Kent Unicorns Report
  Kalooki 17-29 Avengers Report
  A B Jewellery 23-42 Aces Report
Wed 20   Companion Care 52-29 St Lawrence Gold Report
  ICENI 32-40 Alpha Newbies Report
  Alpha Red 45-21 SDS Report
Thu 21   Jo Jos 24-17 Abbey Motors Report
  T W Services 60-26 Miles and Barr Report
  Jets 47-21 Ravens Report
  OFP Timber Wolves 14-41 Alpha Lilac Report
  Isisters 25-32 A-Line Oceana Ltd Report
Tue 26   Kent Unicorns 20-38 Avengers Report
  Miles and Barr 32-43 Companion Care Report
  A B Jewellery 61-41 SDS Report
  Alpha Red 38-27 Ravens Report
  Companion Care Gold 18-35 A-Line Oceana Ltd Report
Wed 27   Jo Jos 18-27 Alpha Newbies Report
  St Lawrence Gold 26-55 Allstars Report
Thu 28   The Watch Directory 18-28 Kalooki Report
  T W Services 39-29 Alpha Lilac Report
  Aces 46-17 Alpha Blue Report
  Abbey Motors 32-22 Walmer Rovers Report
  Jets 63-13 Isisters Report
October 17
Tue 3   Alpha Blue 43-30 Ravens Report
  Miles and Barr 37-26 St Lawrence Gold Report
  Abbey Motors 27-14 Kent Unicorns Report
  Alpha Red 32-25 A-Line Oceana Ltd Report
Wed 4   Kalooki 23-25 Jo Jos Report
  ICENI 31-32 Avengers Report
  SDS 31-45 Jets Report
Thu 5   OFP Timber Wolves 13-59 Allstars Report
  Alpha Lilac 38-30 Eclipse Report
  Aces conceeded Companion Care Gold
  Isisters 30-31 A B Jewellery Report
  Alpha Newbies 35-13 The Watch Directory Report
Tue 10   The Watch Directory 14-27 Avengers Report
  Jets 31-25 A-Line Oceana Ltd Report
  Alpha Blue 29-47 A B Jewellery Report
  ICENI 22-23 Kalooki Report
  SDS 43-33 Companion Care Gold Report
Wed 11   Walmer Rovers 17-28 Jo Jos Report
  Companion Care 18-56 T W Services Report
  Eclipse 23-43 Allstars Report
Thu 12   Alpha Lilac 39-30 St Lawrence Gold Report
  Aces 45-23 Ravens Report
  Alpha Newbies 51-16 Kent Unicorns Report
  Alpha Red 28-18 Isisters Report
Tue 17   ICENI 54-10 Kent Unicorns Report
  Alpha Blue 48-27 A-Line Oceana Ltd Report
  A B Jewellery 49-33 Ravens Report
  Alpha Red 52-16 Companion Care Gold Report
Wed 18   Walmer Rovers 18-50 Avengers Report
  Miles and Barr 52-35 Eclipse Report
  Companion Care 30-32 Allstars Report
Thu 19   Abbey Motors 28-14 The Watch Directory Report
  Aces 35-22 Jets Report
  OFP Timber Wolves 22-29 St Lawrence Gold Report
  Kalooki 11-23 Alpha Newbies Report
Isisters vs. SDS 6
Tue 31   Jo Jos 42-20 The Watch Directory Report
  ICENI 49-22 Walmer Rovers Report
  Alpha Red conceeded Alpha Blue
  SDS 31-20 A-Line Oceana Ltd Report
  Companion Care Gold 33-37 Ravens Report
November 17
Wed 1   Alpha Lilac 28-36 Allstars Report
  T W Services 74-24 Eclipse Report
Thu 2   Alpha Newbies 33-33 Avengers Report
  OFP Timber Wolves 17-49 Companion Care Report
  Aces conceeded Isisters
  Abbey Motors 14-29 Kalooki Report
  A B Jewellery 35-22 Jets Report
Tue 7   SDS 33-44 Ravens Report
  A B Jewellery 36-34 Companion Care Gold Report
  Jo Jos 19-14 Kent Unicorns Report
Wed 8   Walmer Rovers 24-30 Kalooki Report
  T W Services conceeded St Lawrence Gold
  Miles and Barr 38-51 Allstars Report
  Alpha Blue 31-26 Isisters Report
Alpha Red vs. Jets 5
Thu 9   OFP Timber Wolves 28-48 Eclipse Report
  Abbey Motors 14-34 Avengers Report
  Aces 33-22 A-Line Oceana Ltd Report
  ICENI 39-28 The Watch Directory Report
Wed 15 Isisters 54-24 SDS Report
Alpha Red 38-33 Jets Report

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