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We play at Hartsdown College, George V Avenue, Margate. We have 6 outdoor, all weather courts which are floodlit and located behind the school.

Standard of Play

Teams and individual players of all standards and all ages are very welcome. There are currently around 40 teams in the League playing in 4 divisions. As there are 4 divisions we ensure you play in a division that suits you or your team's level of play.


There is a minimum age requirement of 14 to play in the League. Training, coaching and summer schools are available for junior players. If you want to play for fun or want to become part of a junior team with the aim of joining the league at the age of 14+, then JUNIOR NETBALL is for you - check out the JUNIOR page for more information.

Playing Nights

League games are played either on a Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday evening. If teams are unable to play on one of these nights, fixtures can normally be arranged accordingly. Courts can be hired for training on other nights of the week (inside & outdoors). Games start at 7.30pm and last 1 hour. There are two Leagues: a Summer League (May - October) and a Winter League (November - April). All league games are played outdoors, summer and winter, under floodlights where necessary.

Try our 'Back to Netball' sessions ...

'Back to Netball' sessions are now running for girls who want to start playing netball again, but who feel they are not confident enough, or maybe do not wish to go straight back into League games.

'Back to Netball' is FUN!! It provides an opportunity to refresh basic skills and play friendly, non competitive games. Whether you want to play for fitness and fun or want to progress on into the League, these sessions will suit all standards of returners to netball.

BACK TO NETBAL sessions are held on Monday nights,6.30-7.30pm at King Ethelberts Sports Hall and cost £4.00 per session. For more info contact:Jackie (07866586039) or Linda (07891725070)

Interested?? Please let us know! Use CONTACT page leaving your name & contact number and we will get in touch with full details.

How to join the League

TEAMS: New teams can apply to join the League before the start of either the Summer League or the Winter League. Applications to join the Summer League, which starts in May, must be made by the end of January. Applications to join Winter League, which starts in November, must be made by the end of August. Arrangements will usually be made for new teams to play a friendly match before the season begins so that we can make sure you are placed in the division that best suits your standard of play.

INDIVIDUAL PLAYERS: Individual players are welcome to join the League at any time. When joining, you have a choice of whether you wish to register with an existing team (in which case we will try and place you with a team that best suits your level of play).

Alternatively, you may chose to play as a 'FLOATER' (in which case you are not registered to a team and are free to play as often as you wish and for as many teams as you wish). New players usually opt to play as 'floaters' as this gives them the opportunity to get to know teams and find their way around the divisions! If you wish to register as a Floater please use the CONTACT page and we will get in touch with you. Floaters will usually be asked to play a practice session so that we can ensure you play in the correct division to suit your standard of play..

What does it cost?

The cost of a year's netball (Summer & Winter Leagues) is around £250 per team. Fees are paid in stages, and amounts to less than £1 per game per player. Reductions are available for junior teams and those in full time education.


Teams may play in any colour or style of netball kit. Team kit colours must, however, be agreed with the Committee when applying to enter the League.
Training courses

Various courses are run throughout the year to improve skills and for umpire training.


All teams must have a qualified umpire - training is available to help new teams who do not have a qualified umpire meet this requirement within a year of entering the League.

Meetings & social events

Team representatives are required to attend a couple of meetings throughout the year to pay fees, receive information etc. Attendance at the AGM which is held in February is compulsory. The League hosts two big presentation nights a year - one for the Summer League and one for the Winter League. These are great nights out - the Summer event is usually a disco at a top local venue, the theme for the Winter event varies.

Please use the Contact Page to get in touch with us!



SUMMER LEAGUE (June - November) closing date for entries - end April.

SPRING LEAGUE (March - May) closing date for entries - end December.


can join the League at any stage during the season.


if you have not played for a while and want to brush up your skills or have a few fun games, why not try our Back to Netball sessions - details opposite. You can also use Back to Netball to help you join a team or register as a player.

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