Umpiring questions?

Started by Sarah

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Fri 08 Jul '11 @ 12:19pm

Here's the response for the umpiring question that has disappeared! The lines of the court are part of the court. If a player lands with their foot on the line then they are in court. If any part of the foor crosses the line to the out of court area, however slight then the player is out of court and a throw in should be awarded. Disputes can happen when an umpire might not be in a good position to view the player's feet. It's important for umpire to keep up with play and ensure they have a good view of the game, especially going around the back line and post. So in short landing on the line is in court.

Tue 31 May '11 @ 4:33pm

If you have an umpiring it here and we will respond! Alternatively you can use the contact form and we can email you directly.

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