respecting umpires.

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John Newton
Wed 06 Sep '17 @ 9:56am

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Gilly Brown
Thu 21 Apr '11 @ 11:50am

UMPIRE ROTATION UPDATE - following mainly negative feedback at the AGM, the Committee has decided to withdraw the umpire rotation system. So this is just to say thank you for giving it a go! Shame it did not work out as intended, but better to have tried and failed than not to have tried at all (sounds a bit familiar!!).

Tue 08 Feb '11 @ 11:55am

I'm just learning as an umpire and even at practicing when i'm by myself on a court i still get the 'look' and even though i feel i'm confident at teh side of the court this really puts me off. It is hard and a new SKILL i'm learning if people have that much of a problem with the umpires then they need to be give a rule book and find out what they are doing wrong. I don't mind when I'm asked what players are being pulled up on umpire rotation is good but maybe assigning an umpire to a team 1 division above their own team that way they get experience over a season and not the odd game.

Kerry Page
Mon 07 Feb '11 @ 5:59pm

I don't think the umpire rotation is achieving what it was set up for, I can understand that some umpires do not have the confidence to umpire upper divisions, but just because someone has confidence does not make them a good umpire, our eyes have been opened to other umpires during the rotation. As for lack of respect, I don't just think this is players/umpires, life in general nowadays people do show a lack of respect to others, I do think however that umpires should make a stance I appreciate it's hard but when you get that glare or hear something you don't want to hear, It is not a personal vendetta it's just because the players are passionate about playing, but it also does not make it acceptable. So if umpires really are offended take action (at the time) as the umpire of that game and penalise that player/team, some players actually don't know how offensive they are being, so if it is brought to their attention maybe it can be nipped in the bud at the start of the game so that the rest of the game is enjoyable for both player and umpire.x x

Gilly Brown
Mon 07 Feb '11 @ 4:38pm

Pleased to see some active discussion in the Forum for once!
Umpire rotation - let's have some more views please. Is it beneficial or a waste of time?
Respecting Umpires - is lack of respect a problem, or is it that some umpires are too sensitive? What do you think?
We want games in this League to be enjoyable, but at the same time competitive and sporting. Are we achieving this?

All comments are helpful! Our AGM is coming up soon, and umpire rotation will be reviewed. Please take the time to add your comments.

Thanks, Gilly, Chairman

rosemary pretty
Sun 06 Feb '11 @ 5:36pm

thank you kerry for your response. the umpire rotation wasnt being questioned really but since you and some others have brought it up, it was to help "up" the game for the lower divisions by having higher division umpires and vice versa. We tried to accommodate the umpires in their comfort zones, as we didnt want their confidence knocked by umpiring a division (team) they werent happy with. we would encourage any standard of umpire and would even shadow to give them the confidence they need.
as for the other problem, you are quite right that the umpire should feel comfortable to either advance the penalty and again warning the player.
With over 350 ladies playing in Thanet, I would assume that the majority are quite happy with the play of things due to the lack of comments on this subject!

Kerry Page
Sat 05 Feb '11 @ 4:19pm

Ok here goes!!! I totally agree with some of the comments below that without umpires we wouldn't be able to play and that umpires deserve to be respected etc etc. But I thought that the umpire rotation was brought into place to help the lower division umpires to up skill, I haven't seen any different umpires other than the same old first division umpires do our games and on some occassions the rotated umpire has said "do you mind if i umpire your game, as the umpire who was surposed to do your match didn't want to" thus defeating the object of the rotations, which I didn't think was allowed. As for respecting the umpires I agree with advancing play alot more and how about umpires actually warning the players and if it carries on then please send that player off they will soon learn. And as a captain of a team i would fully support the umpire if a player was warned and then sent off if those warnings were not adhered to.

cindy penney
Fri 04 Feb '11 @ 8:07pm

think the umpire rotation is not in question, one of the main issues are all the comments made in earshot of umpires and constant decent on court .As an independent umpire and a former player in the 80s and retired 1997
respect for the umpire was paramount, and yes sometimes i was guilty of some of the below comments ,however since coming back to thanet league to umpire over the past couple of years the comments seemed to have have escalated.
I just hope we havent discouraged any one who wants to Umpire.

Thu 03 Feb '11 @ 9:13pm

I have read everyone's comments below - I really don't think that this has got anything to do with umpire rotation. I've really enjoyed the rotation and have gain a lot from it. I think that the issues being raised, have probably always been there, however, have been highlighted because umpires have been umpiring for different teams and not just their own team/s.

cindy penney
Sun 30 Jan '11 @ 4:15pm

Since the rotation i have umpired several games on occasions heard comments , got the stare, hand on hips.well Umpires we should advance the play a lot more, all above would soon stop. We havent all got proifial vision and u cant play without us.

linda bushell
Sat 29 Jan '11 @ 10:51am

Yes,yes and yes to all your comments below Sarah...I personally feel that alot of the below problems have arisen since the umpire rotaton has been in place and feel that this needs to be reviewed by the committee as it is not working!! How does everyone else feel??

*sarah pretty*
Fri 28 Jan '11 @ 10:40pm

Hear Hear! I think Thanet's Umpires are amazing and its the same people who will always say YES to umpiring your games and never want to let teams down and disappoint players who want to play every week.

An Umpire blows their whistle because they have noticed a player breaking the rules. They will state the offence, by whom and either free pass or penalty pass to the other team.

The Umpire should not call anything other than 'obstruction' if a player has put her arms before distance. By saying 'Arms before distance' it is deemed as coaching. The umpire is to say as little as possible in order to keep the flow of the game.
At the lower division levels, it might be fair and just to point out that little bit extra depending on experience.

As has been mentioned already, the captain of a team may speak to the umpire regarding play.
Umpires do not forget you may warn players on court if persistent rule breaking occurs and efforts have not been made to stick to the rules.

Umpire's you all have the power in you to run a good game of netball so it is enjoyable for everyone! Don't let non-umpiring players put you down!

Players - umpires don't come up to you and say you played rubbish or threw some terrible feeds in to the circle so why is it fair that you feel you can freely comment on their games.


Sue Oliver
Fri 28 Jan '11 @ 9:32pm

I think it’s also fair to say that as umpires we mustn’t take it personally if someone comes and asks us why they are being pulled up. Every player has the right to come and ask questions at quarter and half time to clarify something, after all it’s only so they can rectify what they are doing so they don’t pulled anymore! It’s not a reflection on your umpiring!

It’s really hard to umpire, I think more people should have a go to see what it’s like.............sometimes it’s really not nice but as Rose say’s without us we wouldn’t be able to play.

rosemary pretty
Fri 28 Jan '11 @ 6:50pm

it was not directed at you, but at all games. there was another incident last night on another court which caused distress to an umpire. i umpire quite a few games during the week and do hear remarks from other umpires regarding their games, so please dont take it personally as, as you stated, you are the captain and it is your right to ask an umpire on any decisions which aren't clear and lets hope other team captains take notice of your comments and captains do approach the umpires.

Emma Cousens
Fri 28 Jan '11 @ 10:33am

Hi rose, was this about my question i asked you?? because if so i dont see how me asking why something was blown and not for another reason, is being disrespesctful? i came over as captain to ask a question regarding your decision in a polite and calm manner?? I thought as captain this was allowed? i think last nights game was a very enjoyable competetive but remained friendly throughout and dont feel your comment is fair at all!

rosemary pretty
Thu 27 Jan '11 @ 9:46pm

i have just umpired yet another game on a very cold night. i know i dont have to umpire, but enjoy the game and they wouldn't happen without umpires. I would appreciate if all team captains would express to their players that an umpire can only blow what she sees and does not have to put up with all the snide, questioning decisions and other verbal noises. please remember that without umpires, there would be no games.

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