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Your arms are an interesting part of your body. Though they are used every day numerous times [url=]Albert Pujols Angels Jersey[/url] , it can still feel as though they are essentially weak, and your muscles - even when flexed - rarely portray the strength you should have considering the amount of use your arms get regularly.

This is especially troublesome since impressive, attractive arms are some of the best ways to impress others and one of the most visible things that people see when you are at the beach or playing a sport. You want your arms stronger, and you want your arms to look stronger so that you can be more proud of them [url=]Yunel Escobar Jersey[/url] , and the only way to accomplish those goals is to perform the best weight lifting exercises for your arms.

Weightlifting for Arms

1. Tricep Dips

Find a wooden chair that will not move (if necessary, put the chair against a wall). Rather than sit down on the chair, put your arms onto the chair (so that you are hanging off the chair, facing away from it) and slowly lower yourself down to the floor. Just before you are about to sit on the floor push yourself back up. The best pay to perform this exercise is with your legs out in front of you and crossed so you are not tempted to use them.

2. Tricep Specific Pushup

The Tricep pushup is nearly identical to the standard pushup except for one major difference. Rather than have your hands spread about a shoulder length apart [url=]Shohei Ohtani Jersey[/url] , you want your hands and thumbs to be practically touching (give or take a half inch to an inch). These pushups can be very difficult at first, so it you cannot complete the pushup the first time, place your knees on the ground and perform the pushups that way until they get stronger.

3. Chin upsPull ups

Chin ups (Pull ups) are a great workout for your arms. You can do both palms inward and palms outward and work several different muscles using your bodyweight as your resistance. These workouts are extremely effective, though it can be difficult for some people to find a place to install a bar in their homes so you might need a local park for this to work for you.

4. Parallel Dips

For this exercise [url=]Rod Carew Jersey[/url] , you need two, very sturdy things of equal height that will remain immobile if you hang from them about 3 to 4 feet above the ground. That is not necessarily that easy to come by but if you can make it is very effective.

Start with your arms holding yourself up (elbows straight). Then slowly lowed yourself down only by bending your elbows and then bring yourself back up. Make sure you move slowly in order to get the maximum benefit.

5. Bicep Curls

If you really want to make your biceps large, the bicep curl is the way to go. The bicep curl provides size in addition to strength, and while strength may be better served with other exercises [url=]Ricky Nolasco Jersey[/url] , let's face it, you very likely want your biceps to look large as well.

Any weight will do, though the more the dumbbell weighs the better. Make sure you do at least 3 repetitions of 10 if not more if you hope to see any real results.
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