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Sat 26 May @ 2:53pm

YANGON, Jan. 1 (Xinhua) -- In the near-end of December 2016, which is over two months after Oct. 9 armed attacks in Maungtaw, Myanmar's Rakhine state, local residents there started to regain their normal life.

The quiet roads are becoming crammed with cars, motorcycles, trishaws and pedestrians again with shops running their business until evening; Banks in town are resuming their daily routine with people crowded for withdrawal and remittance of money.

Despite the fact that terrorist attacks became fewer and fewer, government troops and border guards continued to launch area clearance operation for peace, security and stability of the area.

Meanwhile, border security guards are arresting those suspected of involvement on the armed attacks, mapping villages in order to inhibit travel, check population listed in family registration certificates and taking photos for protection from illegal immigration under the aegis of border guard control forces.

Starting from mid-November, monsoon paddy could be harvested as summer crops in some areas which were halted by armed attacks were replanted in harvested fields as usual.

As shops in the town of Maungtaw were reopened, some errand workers, who have been unemployed for over two months, are now returning to work.

However, some people are still worried for their routine fishing, working in prawn breeding ponds and fetching firewood as they dare not go out, a villager has said.

Due to the situation of border area's security, routine work of border trade in Maungtaw was suspended since Nov. 3. The state suffered a loss of income from the border trade as did border trade dealers. It failed to attain the December target of border trade.

Following the resumption of border trade in Maungtaw on Dec. 24, some commodities such as prawn and dried fish were exported to Bangladesh but none was imported to Myanmar as revealed by traders.

As one-week border pass visas are not issued yet, some inconvenience for dealers and traders emerged.

Meanwhile, over 300 basic education schools were reopened so did hospitals and clinics providing medical treatment to residents regardless of race and religion.

As time passed, the truth about Oct. 9 armed attacks in Myanmar's northern Rakhine state is being uncovered. The Rakhine incident investigation commission, led by First Vice President U Myint Swe, said that the attackers took their time to conspire the deadly attacks since 2012 which was intended to harm the sovereignty of the country.

Noting that the recent attacks were different from the previous ones which took place between the two local communities only, he said the recent attacks are more complicated than any previous conflicts in the state as they are found to link with overseas organizations.

The commission visited Maungtaw township from Dec. 11 to 13, inspecting and investigating the 10 villages where the armed attacks occurred.

The commission also allowed media access to information in the northern Rakhine state to refute the rumors.

The 13-member investigation commission was formed in Dec. 2 to probe into the background of Oct. 9 violent attacks.

The commission is tasked to report to the president by Jan 31, 2017.

In the Oct. 9 armed attacks on three border posts in Kyikanpyin of Maungtaw, Kotankauk of Rathedaung and Ngakhuya Office in the state, killing nine policemen and five soldiers.

A dusk-to-dawn curfew is still being imposed on Maungtaw since Oct.10.

Meanwhile, Islamic extremists were exposed as being involved in the attacks, which were supported financially by foreign terrorist organizations, the government said. Enditem

MADRID, Aug. 26 (Xinhua) -- Spanish Liga club Granada confirmed on Thursday night that they suspended Ecuadorian player Jose Angulo after he had tested positive for cocaine.

The 21-year-old Angulo signed for Granada this summer from Independiente de Valle and was thought to have tested positive following an appearance in the Copa Libertadores.

Angulo now faces a possible two-year ban and his new club were quick to react with an official statement which said they had "received the official notification from CONMEBOL (South American Football Federation) which confirmed that Jose 'Tin' Angulo gave positive in an anti-doping control. The test was given during the recent Copa Libertadores when Angulo was playing for Independiente del Valle."

"Granada have told Angulo that the club has suspended his contract until result of the B-sample is carried out in the coming days. Our club hopes the result of that test is favorable for the interests of our player."

In February 2014, former Granada winger, Dani Benitez also tested positive for cocaine and was suspended for two years. He now plays in the third tier of the Spanish league with Racing Ferrol.

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