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Tue 08 May @ 9:12am

Prom Dress, black tie Giveaways Set For Westchester County Center
There is still hope for a promenade date. This weekend, Westchester County is co-sponsoring the fourteenth annual Operation promenade Dress and black tie bridesmaid dresses Giveaway at the County Center in White Plains.

County govt Saint George Latimer aforementioned the equestrian sport provides a lot of students -- United Nations agency otherwise may not be able to afford it -- an opportunity to attend promenade sporting designer vesture, The dress and black tie giveaway runs from Fri, Apr twenty seven through Sunday, April 29.

Latimer said: “Going to your senior promenade could be a ceremony of passage for prime faculty students, and therefore the occasion ought to be remembered as a special one for youths across the county. sadly, the value of promenade tickets and formal apparel will finish up cost accounting many bucks. Operation promenade provides thousands of young girls and men the possibility to possess their dream promenade a la mode.”

This is the fourteenth year that the dress and black tie giveaway has been hosted at the County Center, with many students lining up to do on colourful promenade prom dresses , sparkling shoes and head-to-toe more can be find in ombreprom now..come on!

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