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Tue 17 Apr @ 3:59am

The Dez Bryant jersey that was 159.99 is marked down to 95.99. Why not just make it 88? Or, even better, make it 8.8.

The Dallas Cowboys favorite ex is now fresh on the scene, and he s swiping left, and swiping right. Dez is hittin it on Bumble, Tinder, Match, Silver Singles, Farmer s Only or any NFL dating app that will line up him with a new love of his life ... that will guarantee marital bliss, but really will be lucky to go beyond Year 1.

There are many facets to the Cowboys divorce of Dez, including now where he goes next. To hear Dez talk, or Tweet, he thinks he s going to land on an NFC East roster, just so he can stick it to his ex El Diablo, coach Jason Garrett twice a year.

Dez, forget your least favorite red head and move on. The Cowboys have already marked you down https://www.cowboysdaclub.com/uzoma-nwachukwu-jersey-c-11.html, and moved on.The only priority for Dez Bryant should not be going to a team that plays the Cowboys twice a year, or his second favorite team, but merely the one who pays the most. Football is about to be done, and Dez Bryant has to start preparing for life after ball.

As he just learned, ball don t care and it is a cruel business. The only priority for Dez now should be to get paid https://www.cowboysdaclub.com/lance-lenoir-jersey-c-10.html, to take care of the money, and to start preparing for life after football.

If that means going to Cincinnati, so be it. If that means Cleveland, go to Cleveland ... although, just typing that hurts.When Dez signed his five year, 70 million contract in July of 2015, one of the worst kept secrets was that he was out of money. He had spent the bulk of his rookie contract that was worth 11.8 million.

Jerry personally was a bit more involved in that contract https://www.cowboysdaclub.com/kellen-moore-jersey-c-12.html, partially in an effort to set up parameters to protect Dez against himself, and from blowing a deal that included 45 million guaranteed.

How anyone can blow that type of wealth is a great mystery, but there are so many examples of former multi millionaire jocks who spend every dime of their money, the tale has become a cliche.

Hopefully Dez has learned from his previous financial behaviors. No one wants to read another story of any player who had it all, and then didn t lose it Jahad Thomas Jersey, but blew it. Who blew it on stuff. Those stories are not funny.

There are enough particulars about Dez Bryant that make him vulnerable to becoming that cliche.

In talking to one veteran NFL observer, he thinks Dez must go to a team with a strong head coach and a quarterback who commands respect everywhere. That narrows the list considerably.

According to the nerdnet, the Arizona Cardinals, Baltimore Ravens, Buffalo Bills, and Green Bay Packers are on the short list of Dez suitors.

There is some talk of Dez Bryant wanting to go to the Oakland/Las Vegas Raiders. Not happening.

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