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Sun 08 Apr @ 2:46am

Graphics: China Daily
China and UK poised to sign agreements worth billions of pounds

President Xi Jinping says his state visit to the United Kingdom this week will chart the course for future bilateral ties.

The Chinese leader has also praised Britain's "visionary and strategic choice" to become China's best friend in the West.

Xi Cheap Air Max 2018 Womens , who made the remarks in a written interview with Reuters on the eve of his departure for the UK on Monday, will lead a 150-member business delegation, with billions of pounds of investment planned.

The visit, the first to the UK by a Chinese head of state in a decade and Xi's first to the country in more than 20 years, has been hailed by British and Chinese officials as the start of "a golden era" of relations.

London has been preparing for the visit since last year, and the UK took a lead in joining the Beijing-initiated Asian Infrastructure Development Bank last winter.

The UK has also said that it will be the Western country that is most open to China.

"This is a visionary and strategic choice that fully meets Britain's own long-term interest Cheap Air Max 2017 Womens ," Xi said.

During the four-day trip, which begins officially on Tuesday, Xi and first lady Peng Liyuan are scheduled to take part in more than 30 events with members of the British royal family and high-ranking government officials.

Besides addressing Parliament, Xi, who is a soccer fan, will also visit Manchester City Cheap Air Max 90 Womens , the English Premier League leaders.

Deals worth billions of pounds are expected to be signed during the visit in areas including finance, nuclear energy and education.

The most anticipated one is China's participation in Britain's nuclear plants, which, if realized, will be a milestone in Chinese nuclear expansion into developed countries.

Xi said, "China is ready to pursue cooperation of various forms with the UK and other countries in international production capacity and equipment manufacturing to synergize respective strengths."

Graphics:China Daily

Commenting on obstacles Chinese firms meet in their global expansion plans Cheap Air Max Womens , Xi said, "Problems that occur in business operations should not be politicized, and Chinese companies should not be viewed with bias.

"There should be no swing doors or glass doors that are placed as non-economic or non-market-based barriers."

Britain has been advancing efforts to make London a key platform for the globalization of China's currency.

Xi said China is ready to consider strengthening the connectivity of the two countries' financial markets, and London can leverage its unique strengths in the financial sector in the modernization and globalization of China's financial market.

Feng Zhongping, a European studies expert and vice-president of the China Institutes of Contemporary International Relations, said "China is paying more and more attention to the UK's service sector Cheap Nike Air Max 2018 , while the UK is eager for China's financial investment.

"In the past, it was China's market in exchange for the UK's capital and technology. Now the pattern is changing."

Zhang Zhizhou, professor of international relations at Beijing Foreign Studies University, said he preferred to describe current Sino-British relations as more of a "mature marriage" than a "honeymoon".

"The mutual trust between China and the UK is fairly strong," Zhang said. "Even if there is some unexpected episode, the bigger picture will not be affected."

Xi last visited the UK in 1994 when he was an official in Fujian province.

TIRANA Cheap Nike Air Max 2017 , June 28 (Xinhua) -- Albania's ruling Socialist Partychairman Edi Rama pledged to undertake sweeping reforms that wouldspeed up Albania's path towards European Union membership.

Rama, who will serve another four-year term as country's PrimeMinister after a landslide victory in the June 25 parliamentaryelections, made the remarks Tuesday evening as thousands ofSocialist Party supporters gathered at the capital's main square tocelebrate the victory, which gave Rama 74 seats in Albania's140-seat parliament.

"Albanians spoke. They decided to give us the parliamentarymajority so that we govern alone and show what we can do. Theseresults will bring us closer to the accession talks with theEuropean Union, which we expect to be commenced by the end of thisyear," Rama told the crowd after Chief election officer KlementZguri confirmed the final official preliminary results fromSunday's vote confirming that the Socialists won 48 percent ofvotes or 74 seats.

On the other hand Cheap Nike Air Max 90 , he said that after first term, much remainsto be done, noting that new government will get back to workimmediately, to continue reforms, and to expand the economy andcreate jobs.

He also vowed to clean justice system here from corrupt judges,create more jobs and tackle the cannabis trade.

In the meantime Cheap Nike Air Max , Rama extended the hand of cooperation to theopposition and thanked his opponent Basha for agreeing to putAlbania first with the May deal that allowed the election toproceed.

"It is time to put Albania before our parties, the country'sinterest ahead of our political ones," he said.

The governing Socialists agreed in May to give the oppositionDemocrats a greater role in overseeing election transparency afteropposition's three-month parliamentary boycott.

Six ministers of ruling coalition were replaced by sixopposition's nominees who would be a guarantee to hold freeelections.

In the 140-seat parliament, main opposition Democratic Partywill have 43 seats while the Socialist Integration Movement (SIM),which won 14 percent of votes, will have 19 seats.

Turnout in Sunday's election fell to 46.7 percent Cheap Air Max 2018 , 7 pointslower than in 2013.

International observers who monitored the polling hailed thegenerally calm campaign and voting, but also noted that ongoingpolitical fights had a negative effect on country's democracy.

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