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The Perks Of Being A Restaurant Inspector The Perks Of Being A Restaurant Inspector July 10 , 2013 | Author: Tim Anderson | Posted in Business
Do you enjoy eating out, passing your opinion about the decor of a restaurant, its owners and of course its food, then maybe you should look towards a career change, bite the bullet and become a restaurant inspector

And what a rewarding job it could be always an adventure, always a story – you’ll never be short of anything to say at a dinner party ever again! As Michelin explain themselves, every year “each inspector evaluates 240 restaurants, spends 130 nights in hotels, carries out 800 inspections, writes 1,100 reports and drives 18,000 miles” (The Guardian, January 2008)”. Furthermore, the wage is also pretty attractive too with expected earnings around the 45k plus mark.

Obviously with this career choice, there are also a few sacrifices you can expect to make along the way. A typical working day for an inspector, particularly those who visit hotels as well as restaurants , can start as early at 7am and end as late as 11pm. Furthermore, not every hotel will be 5*, nor will every restaurant rustle up a gourmet feast, washed down with luscious, mouthwatering wine and scrumptious desserts; with these less successful places you need to be pretty thick skinned when it comes to your assessment as owners will be hurt in the process.

You also need to possess a certain level of personal skills; such as, clear and focussed management competence, a discerning palate and the ability to recognise great service when you see it, not forgetting to mention patience in abundance. In terms of qualifications, most inspectors tend to be hotel school graduates with at least five years experience firsthand within the hotelrestaurant industry, with some of that time spent in managerial roles. Don’t be fooled – this doesn’t all happen overnight – Michelin actually state that their average inspector is more of the mature kind and tends to be at least 40 years of age.

London would be a great place to work as a hotelrestaurant inspector with all the hotels, guest houses and eateries. In fact, The Big Smoke has the second highest amount of Michelin Star restaurants in the world, along with many AA Rosettes and other accolades. With some of the best venues in the business, Home House, Le Gavroche, Chez Bruce , Barrafine and La Trompette for example, inspecting in London really could be a dream come true.

As well as its place among the best restaurants in London, Home House is a members only club with a difference. Located in the heart of Marylebone, away from the hustle and bustle of Oxford Street, Home House offers members only events for people from all walks of life.

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